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Research on Youth Gangs in Indian Country

Troy Armstrong, Ph.D., Director
Center for Delinquency & Crime Policy Studies
California State University, Sacramento
7750 College Town Dr, Suite 208
Sacramento Ca 95826
Phone: (916) 278-5737
Fax: (916) 278-4560

Project Abstract
The California State University, Sacramento, Center for Delinquency and Crime Policy Studies, has been funded by the federal government to study youth gangs across a number of settings in Indian Country including reservations and metropolitan areas. The project will build upon findings from previous research efforts on this topic; FBI, BIA, San Jose State University, and National Youth Gang Center surveys and the OJJDP-funded Navajo Nation Gang Study. As with the Navajo research, this project will use a model of inquiry incorporating qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Data collected through a combination of in-depth survey and ethnographic observation and targeting gang members and community stakeholders should allow a determination of tribal-specific as well as broad-based factors and characteristics shaping origins, organization, and activities of Native Americans youth involved in gangs on a number of reservations and in selected urban areas. This research effort will also ascertain solutions that are being tried in the research sites as well as recommendations for future action generated by community-based participants.

Complete Native Gang Studies project description