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College of

Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty Council


The Faculty Council of the College of SSIS is the principle authority at the disposal of the faculty of the College in its relation with the Dean to assert, express and protect the self-determining power of the faculty to govern the College to the furthest extent consistent with state law, system-wide policy and local practice agreeable to the same.

Meeting Schedule:

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday from 1:30 - 2:45


Fall 2015

Committee Membership
Member Department Term Contact Info
Megan Heinicke Psychology Fall 14 - Spring 16 Office: Amador 357D
Phone: 278-7592
Elvia Ramirez Ethnic Studies Fall 14 - Spring 16 Office: Amador 462A
Phone: 278-6646
Yan (Joni) Zhou Economics Fall 14 - Spring 16 Office: Tahoe 3020
Phone: 278-7653
Donna Jensen Gerontology Fall 15 - Spring 17 Office: Benicia 1018
Phone: 278-7163
James Rae Government Fall 15 - Spring 17 Office: Tahoe 3123
Phone: 278-7866
Michael Dowell Economics Fall 15 - Spring 16 Office: Tahoe 3028
Phone: 278-6223