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Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies

Message from the Dean

Dean BodvarssonDean Orn Bodvarsson

How do we solve major social problems such as international and civil conflict, the detrimental effects of climate change, disputes over immigration, income inequality and poverty, discrimination, nutritional deficiencies in many parts of the world, low voter turnouts, and the soaring cost of higher education? The students, faculty, staff, centers of excellence, and programs in the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies focus on addressing these kinds of problems.

Our students prepare for careers in public service, nonprofit organizations, education, and business through highly effective classroom and experiential learning experiences. The faculty is student-centered, research-active and deeply committed to serving the community, and the college is proud to have a group of outstanding centers that serve the Capitol community and beyond by providing expertise and information. Come join us for an exciting intellectual journey!

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Engaging Racism - A panel discussion

"Engaging Racism"
A panel discussion

Four Professors of the College of Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies share their views, based on their academic work, community engagement, and personal experience on how we as a campus can approach conversations about race.


“Sacramento State encourages academic freedom, freedom of speech, and rigorous dialogue. Statements made during a discussion are not to be considered an expression of the views and opinions of the Board of Trustees of the California State University and/or Sacramento State or any individuals other than the panelists and moderators themselves.”

Our Centers

SSIS Centers

The College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies is proud of its six active and nationally recognized centers: the Center for California Studies, the Center for Collaborative Policy, Education Insights Center (formerly the Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Policy), the Institute for Social Research, the Archaeological Research Center, and the Archaeological Curation Facility. These centers provide a variety of high-quality services, including the administration of the nationally renowned Capital Fellows Programs, policy conferences and events, facilitation and mediation services for many different kinds of public and nonprofit organizations, K-16 education policy evaluation, measurement and assessment of public opinion and household attitudes and characteristics, and research and curation of historic or sacred archaeological objects. Our centers provide students with many kinds of learning and career development opportunities, engage our faculty in very meaningful ways, and greatly help to inform policy in the state.

Academic Departments

Anthropology Department

Chair: Dr. Raghuraman Trichur

(916) 278-6452

Economics Department

Chair: Dr. David Lang

(916) 278-6223

Ethnic Studies Department

Chair: Dr. Boatamo Mosupyoe

(916) 278-6646

Asian Studies Program

Director: Dr. Greg Kim-Ju

(916) 278-5856

Environmental Studies Department

Chair: Dr. Jeffery Foran

(916) 278-6620

Family & Consumer Sciences Department

Chair: Dr. Seunghee Wie

(916) 278-6393

Sociology Department

Chair: Dr. Bohsiu Wu

(916) 278-6522

Women’s Studies Department

Chair: Dr. Rita Cameron Wedding

(916) 278-6817

Gerontology Program

Director: Dr. Cheryl Osborne

(916) 278-7163

Government Department

Chair: Dr. Nancy Lapp

(916) 278-6202

Social Science Program & Liberal Studies Program

Director: Dr. Timothy Fong

(916) 278-6342

Psychology Department

Chair: Dr. Marya Endriga

(916) 278-6254

Public Policy & Administration Department

Chair: Dr. Ted Lascher

(916) 278-6557