Campaign Finance and Government Transparency


Campaign Finance:

  • The post Citizens United world means far fewer limits on campaign spending, and far more unaccountable expenditures.  
  • Sunlight Foundation has all sorts of government transparency projects.  Check the reporting link for campaign finance information.
  • OpenSecrets has campaign finance data which is searchable by campaign, locale, donor, and more.  Very user friendly, and there's an app too.
  • FEC -- the official Federal Election Commission site has campaign finance disclosures - regularly updated.
  • The California Fair Political Practices Commission has disclosure of who is funding our state ballot measures.
  • Maplight sorts donations by state legislative races, so you can track interest group activity in the state.  They also have a fantastic database at the national level by bill before congress.
  • The National Institute on Money in State Politics has a followthemoney page where you can search by your district, by lobbyist, and arrange the data in many different ways.

Government Transparency:

  • Sunlight Foundation does a great job of making as much transparent as possible.
  • The Freedom of Information Act grants us access to all sorts of government information.  Make a request, look for data, or study up on FOIA here.
  • The Project on Government Oversight is non-partisan and independent and works on issues of fraud, corruption, and misconduct.