Get Informed

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US/ CA Government Basics

What do the parties stand for? What bills are before Congress? What's in the CA Constitution? Explore the answers here.


What is really in the Affordable Care Act? What is at stake in battles over women's issues? How can we understand international issues? Answers here.

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Public Opinion/ Behavior

What are the trends in public opinion? Who votes which way? Great links here.

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Mass Media/ Journalism

Where can you find top notch political reporting? What are the patterns and trends for the mass media?



What not to believe. Fact checks, ad watches, and studies on political misinformation.

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Info on campaign 2012 and elections in general. Details about the initiatives, national, state, and local candidates, and where and how to vote.

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Finance/ Transparency

Campaign finance, Super PACs,and other information about the workings of government and politics that citizens need.

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Groups/ Partners

Organizations and good government groups that are non-partisan and recommended by the PIE.