Mass Media Criticism and Journalism

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In a perfect world, journalists would provide us with in-depth, accurate, investigative reports that would enlighten us without taking sides.  Unfortunately, we don't live in that world, but this page has a few of the better examples of political journalism that come closest to that ideal.  This page also has media critiques and analysis, to help you be a more active and savvy consumer of the news.

Recent Informative Journalism:

  • Campaign reporters may not be able to accurately report on the advanced statistical and social science techniques being employed by modern political campaigns.  Excellent piece from the NYT "Why Campaign Reporters Are Behind the Curve."

Journalism That is Helpful:

  • The Center for Investigative Reporting digs into issues, many of which are in California.  It's non-profit and in-depth.
  • ProPublica does independent, non-profit investigative journalism and has won Pulitzer Prizes. Solid in-depth reporting.
  • Top quality political reporting is often done by top newspaper reporters.  Though papers sometimes have liberal or conservative reputations, the front-page journalism is actually quite reliable (studies have proven this) -- the bias is generally with the editorials or op-eds (which are supposed to have a point of view).  Try the nation's "newspaper of record", the New York Times, the nation's leading business paper, the Wall Street Journal, or the Washington Post. For good California reporting, try the Sacramento Bee or the LA Times.
  • For California political news, Rough and Tumble is a digest of political reporting from all over the state.
  • California Republicans in the know read Flash Report. On the left (though less ideological), try Calbuzz.
  • For Sacramentans, check out local independent reporting at Sacramento Press.
  • Decode DC is the new project by longtime (and now former) NPR political reporter Andrea Seabrook.  She got tired of all of the misrepresentation and non-meaningful talk in DC, so she quit and started this blog. Seabrook says, "Here on the blog I'll give you frequent updates on what's going on in Washington, what it means, and then what it really means."
  • Politco does fantastic reporting on the political world from more of an insider's perspective.
  • RealClearPolitics has a constantly updated list of recent articles about politics from all sorts of media outlets.  A very nice go-to political news site.

Media Criticism: