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PIE In the Media

Sacramento News and Review on media, misinformation, and fact checking.  Long versionShort version.

New York Times "Republican Party in California is Caught In Cycle of Decline", July 22, 2012.

PIE Director Kim Nalder on California Channel's Talk Show "Politics on Tap", hosted by Greg Lucas:  Episode 47 , spring of 2013 with KCRA Anchor Edie Lambert and Center for California Studies Director Steve Boilard, and Episode 56 with Capitol Weekly's John Howard.

PIE presidential debate viewing covered by Bob Moffit at Capital Public Radio.

President Clinton visits UC Davis on Capital Public Radio.

PIE VP debate viewing covered by Bob Moffit at Capital Public Radio.

Insight (Capital Public Radio) segment on the future of the Republican Party in CA.

Insight (Capital Public Radio) post VP debate segment.

Insight (Capital Public Radio) segment recapping last presidential debate.

AP story in the Wall Street Journal "Spending by Outside Groups Rocks Many House Races", Oct. 27, 2012.

Capital Public Radio story by Ben Adler on the 7th Congressional district debate.

Sacramento Bee story by Torey Van Oot "Fact-checking Leads to Reversals in Two California Congressional Races." Sept. 12, 2012.

Sacramento Bee story by Torey Van Oot, "No Party Preference Is New Political Flavor in California", April 23, 2012.