LS 8 Enrollment Policy

LS 8 is an individualized/small group, slower paced math curriculum comparable to the content of LS 7A-7B (ELM equivalency preparatory math courses). Students can expect between one to three semester(s) to complete the course depending on the placement. Upon completion of the LS 8, the student will advance into Math 1. Students who score below 50 on the Elementary Level Math (ELM) placement exam may be admitted to the LS 8 course if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The student must have been professionally diagnosed as having acquired brain injury, learning disabilities impacting math, sensory, neurologic or organic dysfunction (blindness, stroke or post rubella complications, etc.) that preclude their ability to successfully make progress in the regular Learning Skills Math programs (LS 7A/B and LS 10A).
  2. The student must be registered with the office of Services to Students with Disabilities with documented proof of the disability on file.
  3. The student must present transcripts of the student's math preparation in Community College and/or High School for evaluative and placement purposes.
  4. Prerequisites of this class are: ELM test, pre-algebra and permission of the instructor. Student's placement level in LS 8 will depend on the ELM test and additional math course(s) taken.
  5. The student must clearly understand that LS 8 math program is a 1 to 3 semester program (depending on the placement) and is willing to make the necessary commitment in terms of time and effort. A signed agreement to that effect will be required.

Admission to LS 8 is based on the above qualifying criteria on a first-come first-served basis. The LS 8 Math Instructor will seek input from the LS Math Coordinator, LD Specialist and Disability Management counselor when necessary before admission is made.

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