Math Tutorial/Instruction

New California State University students must show they are ready for college level mathematics course work by meeting the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) requirement. Students who do not pass the ELM examination must take remedial math classes.

Students with a certified disability that impacts functioning in math (e.g. students with sensory/neurological impairments or diagnosed learning disabilities in math) may be eligible for LS 8A/B/C, a three semester series of individualized Algebra depending on their ELM score. See LS8 Enrollment Policy for additional information.

SSWD Math Tutorial/Instruction services are contingent upon availability of federal grant funds.

The Benefits of LS 8:

  1. Students placed in LS 8A are granted one additional semester to complete their remedial course work in math.
  2. The class size in the LS 8 series is reduced from about 24 students to approximately 6 or less.
  3. Students enrolled in the LS 8 series may receive additional time on their exams and the use of a calculator in some cases, depending on approved accommodations.

Sample Syllabi:

Sample Assignment Calendar:

Other Services:

As part of the SSWD TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSSP) for students with disabilities, the math instructor/tutor coordinator may also:

  • set up individualized or small group tutoring sessions for eligible SSWD students for math courses and courses, which include math related topics such as SWRK 110.
  • work with eligible SSWD students to bridge communication with professors in math related courses.
  • offer a Math adjunct where eligible SSWD students receive free tutoring.

Other resources available for all students on campus, including students with disabilities, include the Math Tutoring Lab in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the CSU Math Success Web pages 

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