Notetaker Services

Eligibility for notetaker services is determined by the student’s Disability Management Counselor and/or Learning Disability Specialist/Counselor with the Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) office. Students must be enrolled in a class for credit. The Counselor’s determination will be based upon students’ specific functional limitations, course demands, and alternative accommodation skill with regard to taking notes independently as verified by disability documentation.

It is recommended that students meet with their Specialist/Counselor to discuss their notetaking needs, before or during the first week of each semester. 

Steps to be followed to receive notetaker services:

  1. If it has been determined by their Counselor that a student needs notetaker services in a course they must first recruit a volunteer notetaker, from within the class.
    • The student may request the instructor's notes during the time they are attempting to recruit a volunteer notetaker from within the class. However, these notes may or may not be available, are given at the discretion of the instructor, and may not be extensive or detailed.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to let their Counselor know, in writing, of their success in locating a volunteer notetaker, in order to be approved for the issuance of NCR paper for the remainder of the semester. It is the responsibility of the student to pick up the NCR paper from SSWD and give it to their volunteer notetaker.
  3.  If the volunteer notetaker does not choose to use NCR paper, SSWD staff will photocopy the volunteer's notes, within 24 hours of delivery to the office. Arrangements are to be made for the delivery and pickup of these notes with SSWD office. 
  4. If the student is unsuccessful in recruiting a volunteer notetaker, they will need to meet with their Counselor immediately. At that time, the student will be given a SSWD "Request for Notetaker/Lecture Note Accommodation" letter to give to their instructor.
    •  If their instructor is unable to locate a volunteer notetaker or provide lecture notes, the student will then ask the instructor to sign the "Request for Notetaker/Lecture Note Accommodation" letter. (Note: Exceptions to this step may be considered for condensed (e.g. short-session) classes, with approval by a Counselor.)
    • Within two (2) weeks from the issuance of the letter, the student will return the signed "Request for Notetaker/Lecture Note Accommodation" letter and schedule an appointment to meet with their Counselor. The purpose of this meeting will be to complete the required forms in order to begin recruitment of a paid Notetaker. (Note: student’s tape recording of lecture is a suggested alternative until a paid notetaker has been secured or if services have been interrupted.)
    • If the student does not recontact their Counselor and return the “Request for Notetaker/Lecture Note Accommodation" letter within two (2) weeks of the issuance of the letter, SSWD will assume that a volunteer notetaker has been successfully located and a paid notetaker is not needed.
    • SSWD will make every attempt to recruit a notetaker, but cannot guarantee that a paid notetaker will be found. Alternatives will be explored if notetaker recruitment is unsuccessful.
  5. The Support Services Coordinator will contact the student when a paid notetaker is recruited. The student will be asked to schedule an appointment to meet with the Support Services Coordinator to read and sign the Notetaker Contract Agreement, which is a prerequisite for receiving this service. As soon as the hiring process is completed the Support Services Coordinator will notify the notetaker and the student that they can begin working together.
    • Requests to change notetaker, without justifiable reason, will not be honored. 
  6. Notetakers are not to be used for services such as: tutoring, typing, research, driving, reading or attendant care, etc. The notetaker will take notes covering lecture materials, but cannot be expected to provide verbatim notes, interpretation of lectures, or transcription services.
  7. The student must attend class. The notetaker is NOT a substitution for the student’s class attendance. The notetaker will not take notes while waiting for the student to arrive. If the student is not present, the notetaker will leave class after waiting for 15 minutes. 
    • If, after having secured a paid notetaker, the student must miss class for disability-related medical reasons, documentation from the student’s medical doctor must be provided to verify their absence. In order to have their notetaker cover their class, in their absence, they are to notify the Support Services Coordinator, within 24-hours before the beginning of their class, and provide the required medical documentation as soon as possible. This service is limited to one (1) calendar week.
    • In the event a paid notetaker is absent, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain lecture notes from other sources or means (e.g., another student or taped lectures)
  8. A student will be suspended or denied notetaking services if they:
    • Fail to attend two (2) class sessions, without a justifiable reason, approved by the Support Services Coordinator;
    • Fail to notify their notetaker and the Support Services Coordinator regarding their absence(s).
    • Use the notetaker for services such as tutoring, typing, researching, driving, reading or attendant care, etc.
    • Do not demonstrate appropriate behavior towards their notetaker.
  9. The student will be required to meet with their Counselor, to discuss their lack of class attendance, etc., prior to any reinstatement of notetaker services.

SSWD  Notetaker Service Guidelines Addendum - Volunteer Notetakers:

I understand that SSWD utilizes a volunteer notetaker (peer classmate) as a part of the notetaking support and accommodation process. I understand that professors can make an announcement to the class to assist with identifying a volunteer notetaker and connecting me with the volunteer after class. I approve SSWD releasing a letter to the faculty member requesting this announcement. I undestand that if a volunteer is located my identity will be disclosed to the volunteer to facilitate timely receipt of a copy of the notes. I also understand that I am free to seek and identify a volunteer on my own if I prefer to do so. If I have concerns with this process, I understand I can discuss alternatives with my SSWD counselor.

I was informed of the SSWD Notetaker Service Policy, and my Counselor gave a copy of the policy to me.

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