English Writing Instruction

The SSWD counselor will refer eligible students for supplemental writing instruction as part of the SSWD TRIO Student Support Services Program (SSSP) for students with disabilities. Instruction in English language development addresses the major areas of a student's deficit and may include critical thinking skills, vocabulary development, word decoding, organization of ideas, logical presentation of these ideas, grammar, verb tense and spelling. 

Writing Instructor Service Guidelines  

Other general writing resources on campus available for all students include the Writing Center and Peer Academic Resource Center.

A Workshop on Strategies for the WPJ

The SSWD WPJ Workshop for Students with Disabilities is available.  Please contact your SSWD counselor/specialist for more information.

Please contact the campus Writing Programs office for information on the Writing Placement (for) Juniors (WPJ).

SSWD English Writing services are contingent upon availability of tutorial resources and federal grant funds. 

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