Teaching Classrooms, Laboratories, and Other Resources


Anthropology Museum

Biological Science


Greenhouses (4000 plants)

Vertebrate Museum

Vivarium - A collection of living animals, of the vertebrates we have amphibians and reptiles mostly & of the invertebrates we have insects, arachnids mostly. This resource is used for outreach (tours) and enrichment of laboratory curriculum at CSUS. Contact: Jana Shober

Entomology Museum - A teaching and research collection of preserved insects and other arthropods; also used in outreach activities. Contact: Dr Patrick Foley

CSUS Herbarium - A teaching collection of preserved (herbarium mounts) native and exotic plant specimens. Contact Dr. Michael Baad

Exotherm museum - A teaching and research collection of fish mostly but also amphibians and reptiles. Contact: Dr. Ron Coleman


Specialized Equipment Labs (including FT Infrared Spectrometers, Hewlet Packard GC-MS 5989B System and much more)

Computer Lab

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Lab

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Microwave Lab

Optics Lab

Robotics Lab

Power Electronics Lab

Projects Lab

Semiconductor Fabrication Lab

Visual Instrumentation Lab


Paleoecology Lab


Hydrology Well Field


Smart Dummies Lab

Physics & Astronomy

Anechoic Chamber

Electro-Optics Lab

Electronics Lab


Speech Pathology & Audiology

Maryjane Rees Language, Speech, and Hearing Center

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