Student Support and Advising Programs

The Career Center

The Career Center provides proactive and comprehensive career services to students through: career development, experiential learning, resume development, on-campus recruitment and employer networking. For information on majors and careers in STEM visit the following site links:

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Freshman Seminar

Open to all first-time college students, the freshman seminar is a 3-unit course that satisfies Area E of the General Education Program. Students choose a department that they are interested in exploring and learn strategies for success as well as how to navigate the university.

Contact: Dr. Lynn Tashiro, Director of Freshman Programs (916) 278-2804 e-mail:

Departmental Orientation Sessions

Many STEM departments offer orientation sessions for incoming freshmen and transfer students. Theses sessions are usually held immediately before the fall semester and address career opportunities for majors, courses of study, and degree requirements. Contact the department directly for more information. Links to STEM departments can be found at:

Natural Sciences Advising Center (NSAC)

The NSAC provides incoming freshmen and transfer students information and awareness of academic requirements for their selected degree program, development of appropriate study skills, familiarity with college and university resources, connections with peers and faculty, and overall personal development.

Contact: Dr. Melanie Loo or Dr. Dan Decious (916) 278-6535

New Student Orientation

Twice a year Academic Advising offers orientation sessions for new students. These students will meet fellow students, meet with faculty from your major, register for classes, participate in workshops, learn about extracurricular programs, and much more. Attending New Student Orientation is your first step in ensuring success at Sac State.

Contact: (916) 278-7841

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