Chem 1A

Week 1

Periodic Table Worksheet


Week 2

Nomenclature and Dimensional Analysis

Moles to Mass Calculations

Week 3

Nomenclature, Balancing and
Combustion Analysis

Reactions and Stoichiometry

Week 4

Net Ionics I


Week 5

Redox Reactions

Exam Review

Week 6

Net Ionics II

Gas Laws

Week 7


Reaction Enthalpy

Week 8

Quantum Mechanics

The Atom

Week 9

Electron Configuration and
Periodic Trends


Week 10

Periodic Trends and
Lattice Energy

Lewis Structures and Trends

Week 11

Periodic Trends Review

Lewis Structures, Resonance
and Bond Energies

Week 12

 VESPR Theory

Molecular Orbital Theory

Week 13

Theories Review


Week 14

Intermolecular Forces

Rate Laws

Week 15