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STEM Scholars Lecture

John Johnston, P.E., Ph.D.
Professor, Civil Engineering
California State University, Sacramento

Maureen Kerner, P.E.
Office of Water Programs
California State University, Sacramento


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Thursday, February 18th
6:00 - 7:00 pm
University Union, Redwood Room

Professor John Johnston and Maureen Kerner will present the spring 2016 STEM Scholars Lecture. Their talk, titled “Stormwater as a Resource: Sustainable Projects at Sacramento State,” will detail two recently completed campus projects involving stormwater management funded through the California State Water Resources Control Board Proposition 84 Stormwater Grant Program.

Sustainable stormwater management practices are essential to safeguarding our precious water resources and the habitats they provide.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, stormwater discharges from the urban environment are one of the leading, remaining causes of water quality degradation.  Sacramento State’s Office of Water Programs has a long-term commitment to research and implement sustainable stormwater practices.  This presentation will show how stormwater can be a problem but with proper management, can be used as a sustainable resource.

Speaker Bio

John Johnston is a professor of Civil Engineering at California State University, Sacramento in the area of environmental engineering.  Since 1999, he has been splitting his time between the classroom and the Sacramento State Office of Water Programs where he has been a technical advisor on stormwater issues for Caltrans and other agencies.  His research work has focused on stormwater treatment technologies.  He earned his doctoral degree at UC Davis and is a registered civil engineer in California.

Maureen Kerner is a research engineer with the Office of Water Programs at California State University Sacramento. She holds BS and MS degrees in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Oregon State University respectively and is a registered professional engineer in California. Her work involves implementation of stormwater best management practices, particularly low impact development

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