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String Project - California State University, Sacramento



The Registration Form for Spring 2015 is now Available!
Cost- $100 per semester.

10 Extra individual lessons - $170. Five extra lessons - $95.

Registration Form for ALL students Registration form.

Parking Form must be filled out in order to get a parking pass during String Project class hours.

If you are unable to download the forms, please email us.

Enrollment in the String Project is a commitment. If a child is accepted into the String Project, his/ her parents must see that he/she attends classes regularly, practices daily, completes written and listening assignments, and is exposed to activities that encourage and enforce musical interest.

String Project classes meet weekly on Monday and Wednesday at 4:45 for 50 minute sessions. There may be an additional minimal supplies fee payable at the beginning of the semester (usually around $15-$20).

Optional individual lessons are available to students enrolled in the group class.

d their families often attend classes to observe.


A new class for beginners will start in September 2015.

Beginners may begin study only in the fall. Beginners need to be in grades 4-8. Students younger than 4th grade will be accepted on a case by case basis. - (Email Mr. Stanley at Parents are required to attend classes and help these younger students practice.

Violin or Cello are offered in this beginner's class but students need not make an instrument decision until after the first class. Instruments are not provided, but please do NOT acquire an instrument until after the parent meeting and first class where the student will be measured for an appropriate instrument. We teach the students correct positions using simulated instruments, so you will have about two weeks to obtain an instrument. We have found that student progress is actually faster and more accurate using this system and the initial sounds made on their instrument are quite pleasant!

For Spring 2015, students already having some knowledge of string playing can be added to the students continuing from the Fall 2014 semester. Please see audition requirements listed later on this page. Students already enrolled in school programs are highly encouraged to take this low-cost opportunity to gain extra experience.

String Project encourages all parents to attend the classes as frequently as possible in order to better assist their child's daily practice. Note taking and after-lesson questions are encouraged and always appreciated. Should you decide to begin your string study with another teacher, please let them know of your interest in the String Project, so that both you and your teacher can plan accordingly.

During the school year, interested parents and students are invited to observe regular String Project classes. Please see the dates and times indicated on this site and email your intention to attend to

Prospective students an

For Spring Semester 2015, only students who already have some experience playing violin, viola, cello or bass will be accepted. Students new to the String Project need to audition. Students will be assimilated into either the orchestra, intermediate or beginner classes that will have begun in Fall 2013. If the student does not have the minimum level acceptable for class, the fees will be refunded or they can be assimilated into the beginner's class.

Audition requirements:

For Fall and Spring 2015, students with playing experience and new to the String Project need to audition (play a scale, short piece of your choice and sight-read) in September or January. Send in the Registration Form and email to ask for an audition time.

The minimum level for the orchestra includes being able to play a one octave D, F, and Bb scales, two octave G scale, the first 8 pieces of Suzuki Method book 1, and to be able to read sixteenth, eighth, quarter, half, whole notes and the corresponding rests in first position on all strings. Experience with C Major is also expected at this level. Reading experience with F and Bb major is highly recommended. Cellists should be able to execute forward and backward extensions.

The minimum level need in order to be assimilated into the intermediate class includes being able to play a one octave D scale, rhythmic variations of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and the Twinkle Theme, Lightly Row, Song of the Wind in D Major, Go Tell Aunt Rhody and O Come Little Children, May Song Long, Long Ago; and to be able to read eighth, quarter, half, whole notes and the corresponding rests on the D and A strings.

The minimum level needed in order to be assimilated into the beginner class Spring Semester includes being able to play a one octave D scale, rhythmic variations of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and the Twinkle Theme and French Folk Song in D Major. Fall Semester there is no audition requirement for new beginners.

There will be a new student/parent orientation meeting and instrument demo in September 2015 at a date and time to be announced. Your child may attend with you.

FALL 2014: September 10th or 15th.
Group classes for returning students and new students with experience of one year at least begin at 4:45 PM, September 10, 2014 Capistrano Hall room 223.

Group classes for beginning students begin 4:45 PM, Wednesday September 15, 2014 Capistrano Hall room 227.

Once enrolled for the 4:45 to 5:35 group classes, the students are eligible for optional 25 minute individual lessons at an additional fee. These lessons will be scheduled on Mondays or Wednesdays between 5:45 and 6:35. All students will benefit from this instruction and you are encouraged to enroll your child for the most extensive option you find possible.

* IMPORTANT * You must be enroll in the 4:45-5:35 group lessons to enroll in the extra lessons.

Robla School District parents registering for these extra lessons will be responsible for picking their child up at CSUS and completing all necessary permission slips with the school district in order to do so.

LESSON OPTIONS: Prices are for the complete semester and are in addition to the $100 basic group fee.

Once the schedule is made, you are responsible for getting your child to all classes. In the rare instance that a teacher is unable to teach, we will find a replacement teacher or the class will be rescheduled. If your child is unable to attend a lesson or class, we will be unable to schedule a replacement lesson and the class will not be reimbursed.




From May to September, you should download the registration forms and send them in in order to secure your place in the fall class.

From October to April, if you would like to be put on our waiting list, please copy into an email the following categories, fill in the information and email it to us.You will still need to fill out the registration form downloadable from the top of the page and send in the deposit. to secure your place in the class.
Child's name:
Parent's name:
Phone number(s):
Grade in Fall 2014:
New Beginner?
If your child has some experiencethey may join the project in January 2013. How much experience?

Office Phone 916-278-6558.

Instrument Purchase and Rental
We strongly discourage an internet purchase of a string instrument. Talk to Mr. Stanley about getting access to low cost rental instruments and good quality instruments for purchase or go with the child to a reputable local dealer. Some instruments are available for rental through the String Project secretary. Please show the instrument to Mr. Stanley before making a purchase. It is also possible to buy an instrument from a local parent, but once again, please show Mr. Stanley the instrument before making the purchase. Many children play on a rental instrument for the first few years. We will be happy to give you recommendations.