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STRONG 2017: Hornets Imagine Tomorrow's Solutions

  • Physical Wellness

    How will your knowledge of health inspire people to exercise regularly? Will you educate those around you about injury prevention, safe habits, and healthy diets? How will you spread Medical awareness and help with disease prevention?
  • Environmental Wellness

    As a Tree campus with over 3,500 trees, Sac state shows it cares about the environment. As a student here have you derived a deep appreciation for our earth? Are you environmentally involved and aware of your surroundings? Do you want to protect our resources and influence others to understand how our choices affect the earth?
    Man walking in the forest
  • Emotional Wellness

    Can you educate those around you on how to cope with stress? Has your education given you insight on intimacy and healthy boundaries within relationships that you can share with your community? Will your idea create a positive attitude in other people’s life?
    Man on top of a mountain
  • Spiritual Wellness

    As a student of Sac State has your education given you a sense of belonging? Is your life full of hope and optimism? Can you help others find a life goal through contemplation, volunteer work, or a belief system? Do you have an idea that will enrich other people’s spiritual lives?
    Woman doing yoga
  • Career/ Financial Wellness

    Has Sac State taught you how to balance work and leisure? Do you have an idea that would create a purposeful and rewarding career for you and those around you? Can you help others with a desire for financial stability and a balanced lifestyle?
    Man, coffee cup, pen
  • Intellectual Wellness

    How can you use your education at Sac State to help others to become lifelong learners and inspire their educational goals? Will you help those who struggle to adapt to change become creative and resilient? How will your idea create awareness about current events?
    People in Office
  • Socio-Cultural Wellness

    Has Sac States diverse student body taught you respect and acceptance for other cultures? Do you believe in equality, fairness, and Justice for everyone regardless of race, beliefs, and economic status? Can you educate your community on interpersonal relationships, acceptance, and family? Will you practice and preach acceptance within your community?
    Girl playing Guitar

STRONG 2017: Hornets Imagine Tomorrow's Solutions is an academic competition where students present ideas about how to improve their lives, their community, or their career field to regional employers. Participating students will be eligible for an award. Students' parents, family members, friends, peers, and the community are invited to listen to student presentations. Student presentations will show how they can put what they learn at Sac State to use to improve the community of those around them.

The Academic Showcase will take place Friday, April 21 from 9-11 am in Library 11.

The purpose of this event is to help students be career ready and practice interview skills. Students are invited to an employer reception from 11a-1p in the Library Art Gallery to network and talk about career goals with regional employers. Finalists will be announced at 12:45p and invited to present to a group of employers/judges from 1-2pm. Winners will be announced at 2 pm.

This event is free and open to the public. It will take place in the Library.

STRONG 2017 is Sac State's "Shark Tank-style Competition!

Friday, April 21 2017 from 9am-2pm
University Library
9am-11am: Round 1 Presentations 
11am-1pm: Employer Reception 
1pm-2pm: Round 2 (Finalists) Presentations
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STRONG 2016 Undergraduate Winner

Kaelin Sherrel, Business Student
Category of change: Environmental Wellness
Project: Tiny Houses
Award: $1,000

STRONG 2016 Graduate Winner

Brittney LeBlue, Education Technology Student
Category of change: Intellectual Wellness
Project: Standardized Testing Research with iReady Software
Award: $1,000

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