Strategic Planning and Assessment

lassen hallThroughout the 2014-15 academic year, we’ve been hard at work re-envisioning our assessment processes for the Division of Student Affairs.  As such, most of our departments do not have an assessment document available for the 2014-15 academic year.  Our previous assessment documents are still available in the archive on the left navigation of this page. 

Our new strategy is department-centric and will be aligned with each department’s strategic plan.  In 2014, Sacramento State developed a new strategic plan.  Each department in Student Affairs is currently working on creating (or updating) a strategic plan that is aligned wit

h the university’s strategic goals and initiatives as outlined in our new strategic plan.  In support of this effort, the leadership in Student Affairs decided to take a different approach to department assessments focusing them on department-level strategic initiatives being developed.  Staff are being encouraged to be creative and develop assessments (qualitative or quantitative) that measure outcomes for the strategic programs, services or operational activities outlined in their department strategic plan.   

The department strategic plans and assessments will be available in the future via the links below.  As the plans are completed, the individual links below will become active.  I hope you will find the information provided informative and useful.  Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome.  Please feel free to email me at with your questions or comments.  Thank You.

Links to Department- Strategic Planning and Assessment: