Course Repeat Update

Introduction and Overview

Sacramento State’s course repeat policies relate to two areas:

  • Academic Policy
  • Financial Aid Policy

Students and faculty should have an understanding of both types of policies and how they interrelate. The financial aid eligibility course repeat policy is generally more restrictive, allowing less course repetition than academic policy does.

Sacramento State Academic Course Repeat Policy

According to the Sacramento State Academic Repeat Policy (hereafter referred to as the “Academic Repeat Policy”), Sacramento State undergraduate students may repeat up to a total of 28 units of courses in which they receive grades lower than C (C-, D, F, WU, NC). Per the same academic policy, students who have received a grade of C- or lower for an individual course may repeat that course if the major requires a C or higher. Read on for more details, or click here (and scroll down the page) to read the complete Academic Repeat Policy online in the University Catalog.  

As discussed next, however, a student’s academic eligibility to repeat a course does not ensure that the units associated with the repeated course will count towards his or her financial aid eligibility.

Financial Aid Eligibility Course Repeat Policy

The Financial Aid Eligibility Course Repeat policy (hereafter, the “Financial Aid Repeat Policy”) applies to all schools in the nation whose students receive federal financial aid, including Sacramento State. Per the policy, students may only receive federal financial aid for one repeat of a course they have already taken and passed. It is important to understand that in terms of this federal policy, a passing grade is D- or higher, regardless of whether a students major requires him or her to pass the course with a grade of C or higher.

Units associated with courses students have not yet passed are included in the semester units eligible for financial aid consideration.

Students should remember, however, that failed coursework is calculated on the overall Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) review each year, and students are required to meet SAP standards to remain eligible for financial aid.

Continue reading this page and the FAQ for more information about specific financial aid course repeat scenarios.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal law requires that Sacramento State measure students’ Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) when determining eligibility for financial aid. In simple terms, this means that to receive financial aid students must show they are making progress toward their degree by maintaining a sufficiently high GPA, passing at least 75% of their classes, taking classes that count toward their degree, and not exceeding 150% of the minimum units required for their degree.

The SAP policy governs eligibility for all Federal, State, and institutional aid programs. Prior to accepting financial aid, students acknowledge their obligation to maintain SAP according to the standards established by Sacramento State. Students who do not meet SAP are disqualified from receiving financial aid unless they are eligible to file an appeal.

For specific information on Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards, click here.

Differences Between Academic Repeat Policy and Financial Aid Repeat Policy

The Academic Repeat Policy and the Financial Aid Repeat Policy are separate. Although the Academic Repeat Policy allows students to repeat courses in which they received a C- or lower, the Financial Aid Repeat Policy is based on whether students receive passing grades in courses. Passing grades include A, B, C, D and all associated "+" or "-" as well as a grade of CR (Credit).

In general, the Academic Repeat Policy may allow students more latitude to repeat courses than the Financial Aid Repeat Policy does. For example, the Academic Repeat Policy allows a student to repeat a course two times in an attempt to pass it (a total of three attempts); however, the units associated with the repeated course will only count toward the student’s financial aid eligibility twice.

It is also important to note that the Financial Aid Office does not determine if a student may repeat a class per University policy, but only whether the units associated with a repeated class are eligible to be included in total units for financial aid.