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This website contains information to help students have a better understanding of the University’s expectations and the student disciplinary process.  The goal in providing this information is to encourage students to make mindful, ethical and respectful choices or decisions.  The Office of Student Conduct strives to support students in attaining their educational goals and to facilitate their integrity and ethical development.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


Student Conduct supports the University’s educational mission by administering the CSU Student Conduct process in a fair, timely, respectful and educationally purposeful manner.  Student Conduct collaborates with faculty, staff and students to provide a safe, fair and supportive learning environment.

Student Conduct provides outreach and education related to student rights and responsibilities, CSU student conduct policies and procedures.  Student Conduct works in support of students attaining their academic goals and to facilitate integrity and ethical development.

Student Learning Outcomes

In an effort to promote integrity and ethical decision making the Office of Student Conduct has identified the following Student Learning Outcomes for students who participate in the student conduct process:

  • Understand how the Standards for Student Conduct support the university community.
  • Gain perspective on the impact of their choices and decisions in support of their academic and personal goals and success.
  • Reflect on their ethical obligations as a student and professional.
  • Gain perspective and an understanding of how their behavior impacts the community.
  • Recognize the value of the student conduct process as an educational opportunity.

Office of Student Conduct
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