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Theft and Shoplifting

One of the most reported crimes on almost all university campuses is theft.  The theft of a student’s bicycle, backpack containing their wallet, books and/or electronic devices can have a serious negative impact in their life.   Don’t leave your possessions unattended and help make a difference and report any suspicious circumstances you might observe to the Sacramento State Police Dept. at 278-6851. Students involved in stealing are risking Suspension in addition to criminal charges!

In today’s culture, shoplifting is sometimes perceived as “no big deal.”  However, there are serious legal consequences as well as underlying emotional, social, economic, and psychological implications. To learn more about the personal impacts of shoplifting, take the free Self-Assessment provided by the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention at .   The assessment should take about 30 minutes to complete.

Helping Distressed Students

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