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Division Org Chart

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Archived Division Meeting Presentations

Spring 2014 - Click here to download

  • State Budget and Its Implications for CSU and Sacramento State
    • California’s Emerging Funding Model
    • Advising-Related Programs
    • Graduation Initiative (GI)-Related Programs
    • Co-Curricular Programs
  • Capital Planning Updates
    • Housing Expansion
    • Union/WELL Expansion
    • Lassen Hall Updates

Spring 2013Click here to download

  • Division Personnel Changes
  • Smoke & Tobacco Free Campus Initiative
  • Budget & Enrollment Update
  • Graduation Initiative
  • GE, GR and Financial Aid Policy Update
  • Potential Union/WELL Expansion Update

Fall 2012Click here to download

  • New Staff
  • Divisional Reorganization
  • Impact of Proposition 30
  • Budget Update
  • Potential policy changes related to GI/GE/GR and time to degree

Spring 2012Click here to download

  • Staff recognition, new colleagues
  • Smoke & Tobacco Free Campus proposal
  • Enrollment Update
  • Current legislation with an impact on the CSU/Sac State
  • Budget Update
  • Redefining the Possible: Ideas to Consider

Fall 2011Click here to download

  • Introduced Sacramento State Graduation Initiative

Other Student Affairs Presentations/Info Sheets

Enrollment and Financial Aid Update to Academic Senate, Fall 2012

Measuring and Fostering Diversity and Success: Metrics, Models, and Programs