Sacramento State University - Policies and Procedures

Alcohol Advisory Council Procedures

Guiding Principles

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for all students
  • Encourage student health and wellness in an environment supportive of learning
  • Promote healthy choices for students
  • Enforce laws and policies consistently concerning the use of alcohol
  • Support safe, legal, responsible, moderate consumption of alcohol for those who choose to drink; do not punish responsible, legal behavior
  • Encourage students to take responsibility for each other; Good Samaritan behavior should be supported and recognized, and students should be supplied with the tools to help others practice safe and responsible behavior
  • Provide assistance, if appropriate, to those students who need support, treatment, and services
  • Involve students in all steps of process and program development
  • Focus alcohol abuse prevention efforts on campus and community environments since the university is part of the surrounding community that influences students' behavior
  • Utilize evidence-based strategies as core components of an education and prevention program

Council Structure

The President shall make appointments to the Alcohol Advisory Council. Membership shall be for a period of one year. The President shall have the option of reappointing members to additional terms. The Alcohol Advisory Council structure will include subcommittees as needed. Each Council member will serve on at least one subcommittee.

  • One representative from the Student Health Center
  • Two faculty members recommended by the Faculty Senate
  • One representative from Public Safety
  • One representative from Student Activities
  • ASI President or designee
  • One student at large recommended by ASI
  • One student athlete
  • One student member of the Greek system
  • One representative from University Staff Assembly
  • One representative from the Athletic Department
  • One representative from Housing and Residential Life
  • One representative from Psychological Counseling Services
  • One representative from the University Enterprises, Inc.
  • One representative from Violence and Sexual Assault Support Services
  • Sacramento Community Representative 

The University Alcohol Education Coordinator will serve as Chair, upon the concurrence of the committee members.  The Chair will convene and preside at Council meetings and report to the Vice President for Student Affairs all activities of the Council and its subcommittees.

  • Will prepare bi-annual report to be submitted to the Chancellor's Office.

Council Meeting Schedule
The Advisory Council will meet as needed, with a minimum of one meeting per semester during the academic year.

As of 11/10/08