Vice President for Student Affairs Office

Edward Mills Vice President for Student Affairs P: 278-6060 F: 278- 5443 E:
Associate Vice President
for Enrollment Management
P: 278-6060 F: 278-5443 E:
Beth Lesen Associate Vice President for Student Engagement & Support (SES) P: 278-6060 F: 278-5443 E:
Marcellene Watson-Derbigny Associate Vice President for Student Retention and Academic Success (SASEEP) P: 278-6183 F: 278-5491 E:
Lorie Rowe Confidential Assistant P: 278-7765 F: 278-5443 E:
Jodi Howe Administrative Support, Student Conduct, AVP SES P: 278-6060 F: 278-5443 E:
Eryn Kirby Administrative Support Coordinator P: 278-6060 F: 278-5443 E:
Karyl Burwell Budget Personnel and Project Analyst P: 278-4357 F: 278-5443 E:
Mario Garza Administrative Analyst, Enrollment Operation P: 278-6981 F: 278-5443 E:
Lisa Wolfman Personnel Assistant P: 278-4360 F: 278-5443 E:
Noelle McCurley Student Services and Special Projects Coordinator P: 278-7839 F: 278-5443 E:
Katlyn Sandoval Case Manager P: 278-7511 F: 278-5443 E:

Student Affairs Directors and Coordinators

Jasmine "Jazzie" Murphy Academic Advising P: 278-7636 F: 278- 7842 E:
Emiliano Diaz Admissions & Outreach P: 278-3901 F: 278-5603 E:
Pat Worley Associated Students, Inc. P: 278-6784 F: 278-6278 E:
Brigitte Clark Career Center P: 278-6233 F: 278-6872 E:
Viridiana Diaz College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) P: 278-7241 F: 278-5193 E:
Ron Lutz Counseling and Psychological Services P: 278-6461 F: 278-7359 E:
Marcellene Watson-Derbigny Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) P: 278-6183 F: 278-5491 E:
Marie Torregrosa Faculty Student Mentor Program (FSMP) P: 278.7305 F: 278.5491 E:
Anita Kermes Financial Aid & Scholarships P: 278-6980 F: 278-6082 E:
Global Education P: 278-6686 F: 278-7471 E:
Joy Stewart-James Student Health and Counseling Services P: 278-6461 F: 278-7359 E:
Michael Speros Housing & Residential Life P: 278-6655 F: 278-5772 E:
Paul Edwards Imaging and Technology P: 278-7768 E:
Terry Wanless Intercollegiate Athletics P:278-6348 F: 278-5429 E:
Mary Shepherd New Student Orientation P: 278-7841 F: 278-6351 E:
Haley Myers Parents & Families Program P: 278-4353 F: 278-5443 E:
Tina Jordan Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC) P: 278-6725 F: 278-5491 E:
Judy Dean
Melissa Repa
Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) P: 278-6995 F: 278-7825 E:
Paul Edwards Student Athlete Resource Center P: 278-5431 F: 278-5519 E:
Ardith Tregenza Student Conduct P: 278-6060 F: 278-5443 E:
Tom Carroll Student Organizations & Leadership P: 278-6595 F: 278-5782 E:
Judy Dean Testing Center P: 278-6296 F: 278-7867 E:
Leslie Davis University Union and the WELL P: 278-9355 F: 278-7503 E:
Dennis Geyer University Registrar's Office P: 278-3625 F: 278-3625 E:
Jeff Weston Veterans Success Center P: 278-7893 F: 278-6733 E:
Edward Jones Multicultural Center P: 278-2735 F: 278-5391 E:
Edward Jones PRIDE Center P: 278-8720 F: E:
Edward Jones Women's Resource Center P: 278-7388 F: 278-4783 E: