Tina JordanTina Jordan

Director of the Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC)

Tina Jordan currently serves as the Director of the Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC) where successful students promote student success through Supplemental Instruction, Tutorials, and Peer Led Advising.  In addition, as a writing instructor, Tina guides students to develop a critical consciousness about their positioning as citizens. Ms. Jordan has held the position as the Director of a Reading Institute where she led high school educators to develop practices to prepare students for college success. Through the Graduation Initiative, PARC and other university positions, Tina works to help students to attain a college degree.

 Currently, Tina Jordan is completing her research and will receive a degree in 2013 through a Doctorial Education Leadership Program at UC, Davis. Tina earned a Master’s degree at CSUS in English and focused on teaching multilingual learners. Her Liberal Arts degree was completed at the University of New York with a focus on cultural studies in Japan and England.  

Ira Shor informs us that, “Knowledge is power only for those who can use it to change their conditions.” This principle reminds us to become critical agents of change by building upon our cultural knowledge to create change in a global society.