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The Student Research Center (SRC), an entity of Academic Affairs and the Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development, exists to broaden opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty on authentic research, scholarship, and creative activities. We focus on both undergraduate and graduate student research opportunities, deliver professionalization workshops and offer opportunities for research dissemination.



Important Events for 2018-19

2018 Provost’s Fall Forum
Friday, Nov 9, 2018
University Union, Redwood Room, 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

2019 Spring Symposium,
March 2019

Past Events

32nd Annual CSU Student Research Competition,
May 4-5, 2018

2018 Student Research Spring Symposium

2017 Provost’s Fall Forum

Are you Looking for Research or Scholarship Experience?

SRC can help you find the best research or scholarship opportunities on or off campus.  Browse through our pages for more information.

While we do not provide opportunities for students, we will advise you on effective ways to search for opportunities on your own. Visit us for drop-in advising or email us to make an appointment.  

SRC Advising Information   

Why Research?

Student research is identified as a High-Impact Practice (HIP), which promotes student participation, enhances student performance and transforms the student's educational growth. For some disciplines, research experience is required to advance to graduate school or professional programs. Through research, students collaborate with faculty mentors, make new discoveries and develop critical thinking and communication skills.

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SRC Highlights 

Read about events on and off campus that highlight research, scholarship and creative activities performed by Sacramento State students. Here, we celebrate their achievements, awards and stories of success.  




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