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Survey Creators

What do I do to get started with Online Surveys at Sac State?
Fill out and submit the Online Survey Request Form. Following receipt of your request, instructions for obtaining an account will be emailed to you within 24 hours.
What survey software is currently available to Sac State faculty and staff?
Scantron's Class Climate is currently available to faculty and staff at Sac State.
Where do I go to log onto Class Climate?
Login on the Class Climate login page (
How can I retrieve my username and/or password for Class Climate?
Send an email message to requesting the information. An email containing information and/or instructions will be sent to you within 24 hours.
Is survey data from Class Climate completely anonymous?
Yes, Class Climate surveys are completely anonymous.

How do I get help creating surveys?
The best place to start is with the video tutorials and PDF handouts available at the Getting Started page. If you have any specific questions though, please contact
Can Online Surveys be used for Departmental Course Evaluations?
Participants for departmental course evaluations for this semester are already established and are in full production. For more information, please visit our department course evaluations process page.
Who can create Online Surveys?
Currently the Online Surveys site is for individual faculty and staff for their own academic or institutional research. Committees can also use this service as well, and can do so by allowing an individual to be responsible for developing and facilitating their survey(s). Online Surveys SHOULD NOT be used for any commercial endeavors.
What about survey reports?
Individual faculty and staff have the ability to generate reports based on their surveys. All reports will remain solely in their Online Surveys account. Individual users are responsible for generating their own reports, and must honor the privacy of their participants by maintaining the results of the surveys within the scope of their intended use.

Survey Takers

Where do I login to take a survey?
If you have been asked to participate in an Online Survey, you should have been provided with a PSWD or a direct link. If you have only been given a PSWD, you can access your intended survey by going to the site and typing in your PSWD.

Why am I getting the message "The PSWD ##### has been used already. Please check the correct entry of the PSWD."
The PSWD you have received is unique and can only be used once. Surveys cannot be retaken or resumed after quitting or unexpectedly closing.




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