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Calendar for Online Course Evaluations


Below is the schedule of critical events to help coordinate online evaluations for Departmental Course Evaluations.

NOTE: This calendar does not pertain to individual faculty / staff users who are using of the survey system for their own academic or institutional research.


  2012 Fall 2013 Spring

Confirm participation

  • Established departmental contacts are requested to confirm interest of participation for the semester's online evaluations.

From 8/20/12 1/21/13
Till 10/05/12 3/1/13

Create & Review Surveys

  • The ATCS Class Climate Administrator will work with departments on their surveys (creating, reviewing, editing).

From 8/20/12 1/21/13
Till 10/19/12 3/29/13

Course Information Gathering

  • An Excel Spreadsheet will be e-mailed to all participating departments that includes all the department's courses for the semester.

  • Department contacts coordinate with their instructors to verify if certain instructors don't want their courses to be evaluated online (for example: preferring paper scantrons).

  • The department will send the final updated Excel file indicating instructors who will or will not use online evaluations should be sent back to ATCS will use this list to create and distribute the department's online evaluations.

From 10/8/12 3/4/13
Till 10/19/12 3/15/13

Confirmations sent to instructors

  • For informational purposes, the ATCS Class Climate Administrator will e-mail all participating instructors with the final list of their courses to be evaluated online, as well as timing information regarding the availability of surveys and reports.

From 10/22/12 3/18/13
Till 11/2/12 4/5/13

Evaluations Released

  • Students receive the survey invitations in their Saclink email accounts.

  • Reminders will be sent to students every 3 days for any of their incomplete surveys, until the final day of survey availability.

  • Please note: instructors may inform their students to wait till later to begin their surveys, or complete their feedback sooner than others.

  • Optional: Instructors wishing to target a certain date(s) to take the survey (e.g., use of a computer lab) should communicate earlier with their students the desired date, which must be a date within this timeframe.

From 11/19/12 4/29/13
Till 12/7/12 5/17/13

Report Creator Access Begins

  • Department report creators can begin accessing the survey system for preliminary reports (such as response rates).

From 11/26/12 5/6/13

Data Processing

  • The ATCS Class Climate Administrator will prepare and e-mail reports to designated department contacts.

  • The department Report Creators can also prepare additional reports if necessary.

From 1/3/13 5/31/13




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