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About Online Evaluations

Department office coordinators can use this information to stay informed about the process and plan ahead. Timing, process descriptions, and additional capabilities can be found throughout these pages.

Links to Get Started

- Calendar of Events
- Instructions to Create Reports
- Overall Average Response Rates



Important Announcements

  • Course Evaluations for 2013 Fall
    The last day of availability for the 2013 Fall online course evaluations to students was on December 13th, 2013. Any survey e-mails containing links to the evaluations are no longer active for students. Faculty may contact their department office with inquiries regarding the results of these evaluations 30 days after the date grades are due.




Getting Response Counts for a Course

With online evaluations underway, we have written a few step-by-step instructions for you if you would like to view current survey data for your department.

A visual guide is also available to create reports to find out response counts. It is a 10 slide PowerPoint file.


Calendar for Departmental Course Evaluations

A calendar is available for department contacts who wish to know the schedule ahead of time. Simplified summaries are also provided for specific events. Although tentative, a 2013 Spring schedule is also available. Please view the calendar for more information.






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