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How It Works

Online surveys look like a standard survey form, and can feature similar question types such as multiple choice and written responses. Distribution of surveys can be done by e-mail, or by posting a web link on a webpage or SacCT course. All responses are saved into the survey system, and can be reviewed as a report or downloaded as raw data.

Whether you're a survey creator, have a course that has it's evaluations handled online, or even taking an online evaluation yourself, this should provide an idea of the process of how an online survey works.

Please note, that process mentioned below is more along the lines of an individual survey creator where one person conducts all 3 of the phases. With online course evaluation, that is conducted between the coordination of department offices and the Class Climate administrator.


In general, the process can be thought of in 3 phases:

1 Create Questionnaire. 2 Survey Distribution. 3 Review Results


Create Questionnaire

Create Questionnaire InterfaceQuestions and response options are first created online using a the survey system. All activities for online surveys can be done in a web-browser so no special software is needed. For each question, different types of standard survey responses are possible. After a questionnaire is completed, it can be reused for multiple times for separate surveys. Questionnaires are like templates which are used to create actual surveys.

Survey Distribution

Distribute Surveys OptionsAfter a questionnaire is complete, they can be turned into a survey. Surveys become the actual implementation of the questions in that can be assigned to a specific group of participants. This helps when group responses need to be kept separate. When a survey is created for distribution, a questionnaire is selected to base it on and then in the next step determines which way it will be distributed (by e-mail, or web link). Once a survey is created, e-mails can added to send the survey out, or have a web link sent to the survey creator so they can use it as they wish.


Reviewing Results

Example of a reportThe survey creator can view the results at any time. As responses come in, reports can be viewed as webpages or PDF files (which provide response counts and averages). It is also possible to download the raw data as an Excel or SPSS file if further analysis is needed.




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