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General Information

About Class Climate

The purpose of this online survey system is to create surveys, distribute them, and review their results. Much of this information about online surveys will cover technical instructions and guidelines regarding the use of the system.

Links to Get Started

- How It Works
- Common Questions
- System Issues

Important Announcements

  • Course Evaluations for 2013 Spring
    Students who are enrolled in courses which use online evaluations will be sent their survey emails on April 29th. Based on the timeframe sent to instructors, they may notify their students when it is preferred to take an evaluation for a class. For any incomplete evaluations, students will receive reminders every 3 days in their Saclink webmail (also available through MySacState).
  • Video Tutorials for Report Creators
    To help instructors quickly learn about the new survey system, we have a few video tutorials. There are 5 videos available mostly between 1-3 minutes, with the longest being 10 minutes (which covers how to create a survey). Video Tutorials



What Software is Required?

All that is required is an internet connection, and an up to date web-browser (preferably Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari). The Class Climate website works on both Windows and Mac. Although not required, it would be advantageous to have Adobe Reader to view PDF reports.

All survey activities and handled through a web-browser. Only the reporting aspect involves optional software for report files saved as Adobe Reader (PDF), Excel (CSV), and SPSS (SAV). To get Adobe Reader, please visit our plug-ins website for a download link.


A Look at Surveys & Reports

A new video is available that gives a brief introduction to the features of the survey system. Please use one of the links below to view your preferred version of the video. For more videos about class climate, please visit our Video Tutorials.

A Look at Surveys & Reports (2:09) Stream / Captions for PC / Captions for Mac







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