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Getting Started

Request an Account

  1. Request a Class Climate Survey Creator Account using the Survey Creator Account Request Form
  2. After a request has been made, you will receive an e-mail within 24-48 hours (during weekdays) with instructions on how to to access the system.
  3. Visit the Handouts section to learn more about what you can do with Class Climate so that you can make surveys and reports that will work for you.


Video Tutorials

thumbnail of video title pageYou may need additional software to view a variety of media files which have been used over time. Players for Windows and Mac are available for download on our Media Players webpage.

A Look at Surveys & Reports (2:09)

Step 1: Create a Survey Questionnaire (10:23)

Step 2: Setting Up A Survey (2:53)

Step 3: Deliver A Survey (1:53)

Step 4: View Results (0:58)


Creating & Administering a Survey

Once you have an account, you can get started creating a survey. To implement surveys in Class Climate follow the process outlined below. The handouts linked below are also available on the Online Surveys Handouts page. All handouts are in PDF format.

  1. Create questionaire
  2. Set up your survey
  3. Deliver your survey
  4. View or download survey results




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