On-campus support and options for reporting sexual violence

Know your rights and options:

Rights and Options for Victims of Sexual Violence, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, and Stalking

Non-confidential reports may be made to

Sacramento State's Office for Equal Opportunity (OEO) and the Title IX Coordinator

(916) 278-5770; 
The OEO reviews and investigates campus complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence. The Title IX coordinator and the OEO staff can offer options and resources, including counseling services, criminal reporting options and interim measures during an incident investigation.

Office of Student Conduct

(916) 278-6060

Student Organizations & Leadership

(916) 278-6595

Housing and Residential Life

(916) 278-6655

Confidential reports may be made to

Sacramento State Victim Advocate

Sacramento State provides a victim advocate for accompaniment to law enforcement interviews, medical exams, and court and disciplinary proceedings. The advocate can arrange for counseling, academic intervention and restraining orders. Victims may receive these services even if the incident isn't reported to law enforcement.

During regular business hours, call Student Health and Counseling Services at (916) 278-6461.

After hours, call WEAVE at (916) 920-2952.

Student Health and Counseling Services

(916) 278-6461; 
Confidential reports may be made to the Victim Advocate, any counselor or medical provider in SHCS. The counselors offer confidential individual counseling and support. The medical providers offer non-evidentiary examinations, STI testing, pregnancy testing and prophylaxis as medically indicated. HIV prophylaxis is not available at SHCS.

Sacramento State's Violence and Sexual Assault Services program is an educational component of SHCS and works to increase campus safety and broaden public awareness about the nature of sexual violence and its impact on both women and men.

Sacramento State Police Department

(916) 278-6000 or 911; 
Sacramento State Police and other law enforcement agencies must notify victims of sexual violence that their name will become a matter of public record unless they request confidentiality. If the request is made, the victim's name will not become a matter of public record, and the police will not divulge the victim's identity to anyone at the University, including the Title IX coordinator. However, Sacramento State Police will report the facts of the incident to the Title IX coordinator.

Off-campus resources for victims of sexual violence

Sacramento Police Department

(916) 264-5471 or 911

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department

(916) 874-5115 or 911

24-hour crisis hotlines

(916) 920-2952

My Sister's House
(916) 428-3271

A Community for Peace
(916) 728-7210

WEAVE Legal Assistance

(916) 440-6797

Sierra Health Foundation Mental Health Respite Service Programs (click for website)