Impact: Endowments

Susan McGinty
Emerita professor Susan McGinty established an endowment to help students in the Department of Physical Therapy.Read more>>


Tracy F. Latino-Newman
Associate Vice President

University Development

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Endowments allow Sacramento State to invest your gift of $10,000 or more to generate growth of principal and a growing payout stream to ensure funding in perpetuity. When you establish an endowment, the funds are invested and the interest generated goes to the program of your choice, while the principal remains intact.

Scholarships are the most common use of endowment funds, but endowments may also be created for program support and to endow faculty positions. You may name the endowment in honor of an individual, family or group. Endowed scholarships are particularly valuable to the University because they provide perpetual source of scholarship income.

New endowments are established through The University Foundation at Sacramento State with a minimum threshold of $10,000.