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Legacy Circle

Campus key to alumna's career path

Margot Bach
“I think young people will always want to aspire to their greatness, and sometimes they don’t have the resources to do that,” says Margot Bach, pictured. That’s what I think we’re all about, to help those young people."

Margot Bach’s planned gift acknowledges support she received

Looking back on a varied career—ranging from 20 years at Lockheed to writing speeches for Governor Schwarzenegger—Margot Bach credits much of her success to the years she attended Sacramento State.

Bach ('72, English) says she literally owes her most rewarding professional experience to her alma mater. “My first career out of school (at Lockheed) was thanks to a reference from Sac State. It was because of a fellow graduate who opened a door for me.”

Many years later, Bach is rewarded by her position on the Sacramento State Alumni Association Board of Directors, and as president-elect of the Alumni Association.

“Sacramento State is such a treasure … I mean it truly is a treasure,” Bach says. “It’s an island in a larger community that has nurtured and given such great experiences to so many people in Sacramento and the larger northern California area.”

Bach’s affiliation with the Alumni Association helps her appreciate the many aspects of the campus. “What amazes me,” Bach says, “is the level of commitment of the people at Sacramento State.”

In fact, she recently proved her own commitment to the University by becoming a member of the Legacy Circle—a donor who has included Sac State in their estate plan.

Bach expects her testamentary commitment to be used wherever they are most needed, but definitely toward scholarships. “In perpetuity, the estate will provide one—if not more—scholarship(s) to the University. It’s so important to support the students.”

Her scholarship support actually will begin in the very near future, as part of a deal Bach made with her husband, Dave. “Instead of giving me a Christmas and birthday gift, I told him, ‘Let’s give it to the University.’” As a result, a joint gift from the Bachs soon will be used toward scholarships as well as current and future programs of the association.

Her devotion to funding scholarships comes from her own experience. “When I was a student, I saw how difficult it was for my parents. I supported myself along the way by working and taking out loans.” Bach had to drop out of the University for a while to work full time before completing her degree.

Remembering back to those financial pressures, Bach is committed to easing that burden for students, especially with the current economic climate. “I can remember buying books and they were $25. That was a lot of money then!

“I think young people will always want to aspire to their greatness, and sometimes they don’t have the resources to do that,” Bach says. “That’s what I think we’re all about, to help those young people.”

Future goals for Bach include creating lasting connections between current students and the Alumni Association. She imagines an expansion of the role between professional mentors for students in all fields, with Alumni Association board members acting as liaisons to make better use of the student-alumni relationships.

“We want to get students more involved with the Alumni Association so they will be more inclined to be part of the Sacramento State community after they graduate.” After all, Bach says, “Leadership does begin here.”