The Campaign for Nursing

Honor Roll of Donors

The gifts from the individuals, foundations and organizations to The Campaign for Nursing allows the Sacramento State School of Nursing to provide excellent education opportunities, greater support for our nursing students and a bright future for nursing.

Linda Jean Adams
Stella Hollister Atler
Michael and Tanya Altmann
Robert R. Baker, Jr. and Janice Baker
Professor Deanna Daclan Balantac
Deborah K. Bassett
Warren Francis Beam
Nancy J. Beers
Doreen E. Beyer
Dorothy L. Bizzini
Evelyn J. Boggs
Dr. Mollyn V. Bohnen
Mary J. Booth
Brenda A. Brozek
Joan P. Butler
Catholic Healthcare West
Denise Cebrian
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Sonney Chong
Barbara K. Ciarlo
Dean Emerita Patricia A. Clark-Ellis
James D. Coffis
Laura J. Corson
Edith Cotter
The Crandell Family Charitable Fund
Tina J. DiPierro
Sarah Doucette
The Frank M. Doyle Foundation
Martha Dukes
Antonette Esguerra
Kay Evans
Christine E. Gable
Carrie S. Garland
Nancy F. Giachino
Christine Hall
Brenda Hanson-Smith
Jean Harlow
Cheryl Ann Heddleston
Kit Henderson
John and Margi Herzog
James C. Hill
Sally Fuller Hoffman
Amy Hooper
Dean Emerita Marilyn Hopkins and Brian Hopkins
Susan W. Horelick
Joan P. Hughson
Albert and Mildred Kahane
Richard D. Keegan
William and Nola Kenney
Mary Kopperud
Suzanne M. Krale
Walter and Patricia LaFranchi
Lise Langley
Annabel M. Lee
Theresa D. Lehman

Gail Lovell
Katie R. Lydon
Susan H. Lynch
Mary Ruth Mach
Michael and Candance Makrakis
Marguerite Casey Foundation
Rilda Brostrom Matthews
Barney McCauley
Michele L. McKay
Maureen Moore
Joyce A. Moss
Robyn Nelson
Sheila M. Neroda
Terri L. Neufeld
Donna C. Nevraumont
Kristine Oase
Christopher and Susan Oase
Susan O'Brien
Heather J. Palmer
Austin A. Peterson
John Power
The President's Circle
Louise Carter Price
Donna E. Renollet
Jeffrey A. Richman
Mary E. Roberts
Kay L. Robertson
Pauline J. Roccucci
Victoria H. Rollins
Patricia A. Ronten
Kathleen M. Rose
Sacramento State Bass Fishing Club
Vince A. Sales
Linda E. Savage
Mary J. Sayles
Sierra Health Foundation
Roger and Freda Sornsen
Christie Sparkman
Spring Class of 2011
Denalee J. Standart
Pamela and Stanley Stewart
Ann D. Stoltz
The Teichert Foundation
Joan Ann Tempas
Holly A. Thompson
Sandor and Holly Tiche
Dr. Louise Timmer
Sharon J. Tuttle
Dawn L. Vierria
Kathleen McCray Walker
Dr. Annita Watson
Western Health Advantage
Anne L. Whitteaker
Timothy and Laura Wick

Names of organizations and individuals current as of January 27, 2012.