Meet the Committee to Build Campus Unity

Committee to Build Campus Unity

In an effort to bring that community closer together, in 2011 President Alexander Gonzalez established the Committee to Build Campus Unity, with appointed members who represent students, faculty and staff across campus. Programming has included Convocations featuring nationally-known speakers who addressed topics such as inclusion, race and the role of mentors in our lives.

“Efforts to find ways to build community, served to build community," says the committee. "The Sacramento State family grew closer and the excitement was piqued in the days following the convocation, and the anticipation of wanting more still remains.”

Committee Members

Kimo Ah Yun, Chair, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Letters

Margarita Berta-Avila, Assistant Professor, Bilingual Multicultural Education

Michelle Bianco, Past President, University Staff Assembly

Adriana Bolds, Director of Undeclared Students, Associated Students Inc.

Viridiana Diaz, Director, College Assistance Migrant Program and Serna Center

Tim Fong, Professor, Director of Asian American Studies

Janet Hecsh, Professor, Department of Teacher Education

Tim Howard, Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Beth Lesen, Associate Vice President, Planning Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

Greg Mark, Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies

Vanessa Sheared, Dean, College of Education

Don Taylor, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

Sara Tulane, Undergraduate Student Representative

Vince A. Sales, Vice President for University Advancement

For more information on the President's Committee to Build Campus Unity, please contact the Office of University Advancement at (916) 278-7043.