Meet our Farm-to-Fork Panelists

Kitty O'Neal

Kitty O'Neal '79 (Communication Studies)
Host, KFBK Radio

For nearly 30 years, Kitty O’Neal has informed, entertained and enlightened Sacramento radio listeners. She hosts the Afternoon News on KFBK Radio (1530 AM) and is known for her reporting on the entertainment scene as well as state and local issues. O’Neal has covered 13 Academy Awards ceremonies as well as the Emmys and many other awards programs. She is part owner of Paragary’s Restaurant Group and is active with the Sacramento SPCA, the Sacramento Children’s Home and several other local charities.

3 questions with Kitty O’Neal

1. What is Sacramento's best food secret?

The best kept secret is that Sacramento has many incredible, talented chefs that rival those of bigger cities. But personal favorites for my sweet tooth would be Devine Gelateria and Cafe and Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates.


2. What is the best thing you've ever eaten OR What is the one food item you couldn't live without?

The world wouldn't be the same for me without freshly baked bread.

3. What does Farm to Fork mean to you?

Farm to Fork means Sacramento is finally getting the recognition it deserves for being a rich agricultural region that is being creatively tapped by local restaurateurs.  It's not just a marketing slogan... it describes what is happening in Sacramento restaurants whereby food items generated locally are making a direct route to diner's plates after they pass through the kitchens of talented chefs.

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