Meet our Farm-to-Fork panelists

Nick Leonti

Nick Leonti ’00 (Communication Studies)
Director of Tourism, Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau

Nick is all about Sacramento. He joined the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau in 2005 as tourism coordinator and was named director of tourism in 2012. Leonti says he enjoys opening people’s eyes to what the California capital has to offer. Leonti, a former writer for the State Hornet and employee of the Sacramento Bee, maintains a popular blog at

3 questions with Nick Leonti:

1. What is Sacramento's best food secret?

I eat lot, so I probably know more food secrets than most folks in Sacramento. There are a lot food items in town that completely blow me away and deserve more recognition for being amazing: the pastrami at Sam’s Hof Brau, those macaron ice cream sandwiches at Ginger Elizabeth, the goulash at Café Marika and this “cashew cheese” I get at the Midtown Farmers Market that you can pretty much dip anything in. If I have to pick just one underappreciated local food secret, I have to go with the homemade tortillas at Luis Jr.’s. They are deliciously thick, satisfyingly stretchy and—like snowflakes—no two are exactly alike. Sometimes you’ll get one that kind of approaches being round like a store-bought tortilla, but you’re just as likely to get one shaped like a football. I honestly can’t believe that foodies in town aren’t constantly tweeting photos of these things as they dip them into a steamy bowl of Luis’s equally delicious straight chili.

2. What is the best thing you've ever eaten OR What is the one food item you couldn't live without?

I wish I could say something really high-brow here about coq au vin in Paris or a really great escabeche in Lisbon or something, but I’m a simple man and taco night at my house is the best thing ever. There’s no reason to over complicate things—season some meat, heat up some shells, line up the tacos and have at it. And here’s a tip for all the amateur taco chefs out there: I’ve noticed that if there’s a ballgame on, they taste even better.    

3. What does Farm to Fork mean to you?

To me “farm to fork” is about Sacramento embracing (and celebrating) its agricultural roots. We may have a little more dirt under our fingernails than our friends in other cities, but we’re eating better than they are and looking good doing it.

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