FTR (a text-friendly way to write "For the Record")

What Sac State students want their parents to know about social media

Social media savvy comes with a learning curve. For parents testing the water in the social media world, Sac State students have some tips for you before you dive in:

“There are some funny and interesting things on social media but be ready to read a whole bunch of things nobody cares about.” —Rafael Garcia, Senior

“Don’t automatically click on websites your friends post on your wall because the links sometimes hack your Facebook and spam your friends.” —Stephanie Van, Sophomore

“Use the applications regularly so you can become familiar with them.” —Robert Escobosa, Junior

“Check your security settings and make sure you protect your personal information like birthdates, emails and phone numbers.” —Rose Pham, Junior

“Nothing is worse than getting a whole bunch of Candy Crush Saga requests from your mom.” —William E. Maldonado, Sophomore

“I don’t mind if you frequently check my page, just don’t post like crazy. And I’d rather you call me to talk about personal stuff.” —Sammie Thach, Senior

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