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blake menenzesBlake Menezes '12 (Business Administration)

Social Media Strategist, Autodesk

The next big thing is: A new kind of storytelling for brands. Brands are becoming publishers by sharing their own content and making themselves sources of news and information. This is important because brands are focusing on the emotional side and how readers might engage/socialize this content. 2014 will be a year for brands making easily digestible and sharable content on their own sites. (For example, see GEReports.com).

My favorite source for news is: Either reddit, Fast Company, the homepage for Google News or Wired.

I’m a fan of: Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything). It's a community on reddit where anyone from President Obama to Bill Gates answer any question they receive from people on the Internet.

I am so over: #FollowFridays on Twitter. 

At Sac State I learned: You should always do something that is a bit out of your comfort zone and "flex a muscle" you don't normally use when choosing a career/new job. Professor Matt Watanabe in the College of Business at Sac State once gave me advice that I've carried with me since graduating. He told me to ask myself the following questions when considering a new job: Would I be doing anything in this new job that I didn't know already? Is there room for growth? Will I have developed new skills or an understanding of an industry I didn't know about before? If the answer is no to any of these questions, Professor Watanabe noted that I'm probably taking a step back in my professional development and my career path. This advice has been something that I've carried with me since graduating Sac State.

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