Where are they now?

Doug Curley

Doug Curley '79 (Journalism)
Editor, Comstock's Magazine

The next big thing is: Communication/data devices that are not handheld. Think Google Glasses and Dick Tracy-type wrist devices.

My favorite source for news is: NPR.

I’m a fan of: But not an expert at, all types of social media. I believe that's a driving force in the evolution of the communication business.

I am so over: Fax machines and photocopiers. Wish there was a way we could wean ourselves of the “paper trail.”

One thing I learned at Sac State is: To appreciate the development of a circle of colleagues, for business and for life. Much of that was learned sitting with others beneath the Guy West Bridge before my Shakespeare class.

When I was at Sac State: I was the editor of The State Hornet in 1977-78. It was at The Hornet were I started the "By the Numbers" feature that we use in Comstock's today.

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