Where are they now?

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden '72-'73
Former Co-host, "Good Morning America"

The next big thing is: Our society has made a big shift to living their lives online, I think (and I hope!) that the next big thing will be shifting back to living your life back OFF-line in the real world. I think people are beginning to realize that the lack of personal connections is detrimental to all of us and we need to get back having coffee with girlfriends, scheduling playdates for our kids, and cherishing human interaction and relationships more. 

My favorite source for news is: I’m a news junkie so I kind of live with CNN on in the background. 

I’m a fan of: The interaction I get to have with my fans on social media. How cool!?

I am so over: Too much “electronic time” for my kids. We’ve had to set strict limits. 

One thing I learned at Sac State is: I always love learning. Whether in the classroom or in the real world, never stop learning. It keeps your mind young and your days interesting.

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