Where are they now?

Justin Knighten

Justin Knighten '08 (Public Relations)
Account Supervisor, Lucas Public Affairs

The next big thing is: For reporters in California to follow the national trend of leaving traditional newsrooms for public-private, multimedia and online start-up platforms.

My favorite source for news is: What I currently call the thop three: The Sacramento Bee, The New York Times and Los Angeles Times

I’m a fan of: Ezra Klein. I’m excited for his new journalistic venture, Project X.

I am so over: Social media critics.

One thing I learned at Sac State is: Critical thinking.

When I was at Sac State: I had a great time during my time as a student. The experience provided a solid foundation for my career in public affairs. From managing a crisis for a client to framing a public debate on an issue, I often refer back to lectures and course material to gain helpful perspective.

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