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Kim Nava

Kim Nava '03 (English)
Director of News Services, Sacramento State

The next big thing is: Being able to do more on your mobile device, whether it’s scanning the news, searching websites, shopping or finding directions, among other things. Companies are recognizing that they have to make their mobile site easy for users to read, navigate and interface on smaller screens.

My favorite source for news is: Twitter! The brief format reminds me of a news ticker, with each Tweet message maxing out at 140 characters. I follow more than 20 major news sites. It’s also a great way for me to promote Sac State’s outstanding stories to news outlets for coverage.

I’m a fan of: Instagram. Sacramento State has been able to deliver news and important messages to our younger audience who may have shifted away from Facebook.

I am so over: Google+ It just didn’t take off. There were some exciting possibilities, but users can’t flock to a new service when they’re not sure what it is—that demonstrates the importance of identity.

One thing I learned at Sac State is: There are so many success stories about our students’ personal experiences. They’ve overcome obstacles and are determined to succeed. The University makes a difference in their lives, and they make their communities a better place to live and work in.

I began working at Sac State in 1995 in the University’s President’s Office, first as an administrative assistant and eventually as a communications coordinator, through 2006. I joined the University’s Public Affairs office in 2006 as a writer and became news director in 2009. As news director, I manage the University’s daily news operations, promote major events, assist journalists in coordinating interviews with key faculty experts and University administrators; I also serve as the University’s spokesperson. I have a degree in English from Sacramento State and am a very proud alumna!

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