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millie warren

Millie Warren

Assignment Editor, KOLO TV, Reno, Nev.

The next big thing is: I think smart cars are up and coming/trending. Consumer Reports did a study on the Mobileye, a modern appliance that helps older cars gain the technology  that newer cars have, such as blind-spot detection and a collision warning system. This product is great for older cars. With more cars getting luxury features such as a rear-view backup camera and sensors that emit a noise whenever the driver leaves their lane or gets too close to an object, that right there is what I think will be the next big thing. It incorporates technology with safety features and betters something everyone uses and relies on every day.

My favorite source for news is: Social media. Social media is such a huge part in a majority of people’s lives. People are constantly on some type platform for social media, whether it be on a tablet or their smart phone.  Social media (Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc) constantly keeps people connected, whether it be with local, national, or international news. It’s quick and easy to access. Pictures and news stories can be shared from person to person, ensuring that the word/story is spread. We had a school shooting not too long ago at Sparks Middle School (a student shot and killed a teacher, shot another student and then killed himself). Many parents were unaware of or had little information of the situation. We were able to inform the parents through Facebook and via text message alerts. Keeping parents updated on situations such as these is incredibly important, and social media helped us do that.

I’m a fan of: Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trigger, and Donkey Kong Country 2.

I am so over: Twerking.

One thing I learned at Sac State is: To be a go-getter. Things don’t necessarily just fall into your hands, you have to be tenacious and work hard in order to achieve your goals. You never know unless you try and the worst thing someone can say is no. Ultimately, keep trying and never give up.

When I was at Sac State: I spent five years studying at Sac State. I graduated with a B.A. in Theatre and Journalism. I met incredible people at Sac State, both students and teachers. I was inspired by the passion everyone had to be the best they could be in their craft. It was certainly a disadvantage when a class couldn’t be offered (such as more broadcast journalism classes or a hair and makeup class for theatre), but we adapted and pulled through. I enjoyed my time at Sac State, and I believe I am a stronger person because of the friends I worked with and the professors who taught me.

I am the assignment editor at KOLO 8 News Now in Reno, Nev. My job is to keep our assignment queue, or our daily itinerary, filled with story ideas. I take down story ideas from press releases, tips provided by callers, or just ideas from the heads of my reporters. I lead two meetings, our morning and our afternoon meetings. This is where, as a team, we decide what stories to cover for the day. Part of my job is to have backup story ideas in case an assigned story falls through during the day. I also listen to police, fire and air traffic scanners, listening for robberies, gas leaks, fires, etc. I make phone calls to various agencies for updates to any story that is breaking. For example, a 10-year-old boy was recently arrested on charges of possession of a dangerous weapon on school grounds (Police said the law specifically barred him from having these two specific kind of BB guns on school grounds. My executive producer and I first heard talk on the scanner regarding a boy holding a gun across from the school. We heard this, reassigned our nightside reporter to this story and made beat checks with the Reno Police Department and the school district for updates to this breaking/developing story (With any breaking/developing story, information can change). This job is busy and demanding, but I would prefer that to a lax and boring office desk job.

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