Where are they now?

Paul Robins

Paul Robins '80 (Journalism)
Anchor, FOX 40

The next big thing is: Unquestionably something different than what we’re doing now. (Yes, a total cop-out of an answer). Here’s my most memorable moment with my news director at FOX40. He asked me, “What’s the future of television news?” After a few moments of nothing more than a blank stare from me, he pulled his smart phone out of his pocket, dropped it on the table and said, “There it is. That’s the future of television news.”

My favorite source for news is: An odd collection of stuff. I’m daily assaulted by all the traditional sources that come into a newsroom—CNN and FOX newsfeeds, top stories from Tribune affiliates around the country, etc. Since that what I get automatically, I tend to look elsewhere when left to my own devices, and I try to cast a wide net. I’ll look at BoingBoing.net and The Drudge Report and Digg.com and Reddit—not exactly prime news sources, but you get a wide variety of views there. For local news, I think the folks at Sacramento Business Journal do a great job—Sonja Sorich in particular finds interesting stuff I don’t see elsewhere. I look at the Stockton Record online daily, just to see what’s up in the southern part of our viewing area.

I’m a fan of: The Denver Broncos and I don’t care how bad they were in the Super Bowl.

I am so over: Overexploitation of the words “green,” “organic,” and “sustainable.” If I must have a digital answer, I’m a fan of short, frisky text messages from my wife, and I thought Badland was a great game app that should’ve done much better than it did.

I am so over: The exploitation of the words “green,” “organic” and “sustainable.” If I must have a digital answer, I’m over Flappy Bird. (Proud owner of the original, highest score is 6.)

One thing I learned at Sac State is: That I like this town. Oh, I probably learned other stuff, but that’s the reason I still live here 35 years later.

When I was at Sac State: I transferred to Sac State from Santa Rosa Junior College back in the mid-late 70s and came away with a generic but enjoyable communications studies degree. I was very active on the speech team and the team was good back then. Most memorable and useful classes: Conflict Resolution with Val Smith, and TA’ing Larry Chase’s 100C class. A solid grasp of statistics, and the skepticism it produces of every “study” you encounter, has proven to be a very valuable tool in life.

For the last five years I have anchored the morning news on FOX40, 5-10 a.m. weekdays. Prior to that, I did about 25 years in morning radio in a variety of formats—music, talk, and news. And I’m finally an author (figured I write a novel since I was a young Hornet, but didn’t get around to it until I was in my 50s). Feel free to buy my book!

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