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Scott Freshour

Scott Freshour '06 (Communication Studies)
Host, Sacramento Kings, NBA

The next big thing is: Google Glass! On Jan. 24, the Sacramento Kings became the first team in pro sports to incorporate Google Glass in broadcast. I was given a pair and the experience was unreal! As I stood at center court, fans had an opportunity to see what I see every night as the best fans in the NBA rise to their feet, cheer and make the atmosphere in Sleep Train Arena electric.

My favorite source for news is: Twitter, I check my account often for world and local news and of course sports updates. But I still enjoy reading the newspaper and watching local news.

I’m a fan of: Instagram.

I am so over: Commercials on YouTube.

One thing I learned at Sac State is: To learn something new every day, never give your brain a day off. Read, watch a documentary, or do an art project, etc. Always keep your brain active.

When I was at Sac State: I graduated in 2006 with a degree in Media Communications. I have been the host of the Sacramento Kings' in-arena experience for the past five NBA seasons. In addition to "royal hosting" duties, I have hosted at NBA All Star Weekend and for USA Basketball, and for the past two summers have hosted the NBA Nation tour that travels across America.

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