Where are they now?

Online extra

What's the next big thing? Where does the media go for news? 

What is trending? What technology is on the way out?

Sac State alumni in the communications field give us their takes as well as updates on their respective careers.

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden '72-'73

Paul Robins '80

Kim Nava

Kim Nava '03

Cheryl Dell

Cheryl Dell '82

courtney dempsey

Courtney Dempsey '97

Doug Curley

Doug Curley '79
Scott Freshour
Scott Freshour '06
Carol Ann Hackley
Carol Ann Hackley '61
William Lee
William Lee '53-'55

Gia Vang

Gia Vang '08

Mikhail Chernyavsky

Mikhail Chernyavsky '09

Megan Hansen

Megan Hansen '10
Dan Wilson
Dan Wilson '94
Cristina Mendonsa
Cristina Mendonsa '96
Kimo Ah Yun
Kimo Ah Yun '90

Shawn Boyd

Shawn Boyd '95

Kristine Guerra

Kristine Guerra '10

Millie Warren

Millie Warren '13
 David Ferguson
David Ferguson '87
Leticia Ordaz
Leticia Ordaz '98
Gina Funk Nelson
Gina Funk Nelson '04

blake menezes

Blake Menezes '12
Justin Knighten
Justin Knighten '08
jon ortizJon Ortiz '03