Discover Hornet Pride

Discover Hornet Pride
One of the objectives of the Student Advancement Council initiative is to strengthen relationships with alumni through visits where together, they share their experiences at Sacramento State. Alumni provide a glimpse into the University’s history, and students update graduates with information about current programs and the ever-changing campus community.

 Last academic year, several alumni met with members of the Student Advancement Council and shared their memories and provided advice, such as:

John B. Allard II

John told students he believes Sacramento State helped him to get where he is today. He pointed to an internship he secured at the State Capitol; one of his dedicated professors pushed him to apply, and he went for it. What was meant to be a single-semester internship turned into a two-semester experience, and upon graduation he was offered a job with the State Legislature.

Dane Sincere

Dane shared how he transferred from a community college in the Bay Area because his best friend could not stop telling him how “awesome” Sac State was. They lived in the dorms for a year; he said it was one of the best experiences of his life.

Michael O. Gualco

Michael offers this piece of advice to students: Take advantage of the opportunities that the school offers.

Donald R. Steed Sr.

Donald gave Student Advancement Council members some advice for current Sacramento State students: He thinks that if a person makes the decision to go to college that they should try to receive as much education as they can afford. With the current state of the economy, he believes an education is imperative if a person wants to have a successful career.